Chi Away: Reflections on Community in Isolation

This project will mainly comprise recordings of three separate small ensembles made over the course of
a few months. The groups are new collaborations, made up of musicians from the Chicago area. The
assemblies include musicians from a wide array of musical backgrounds, ranging from classical to jazz to country to experimental to punk.

The groups are as follows:




Hearsay’s singular aesthetic ranges from otherworldly textures to slowly evolving rhythmic grooves, to hard-hitting improvisations. Their musical language is influenced by their diverse backgrounds, which meld together to form something both familiar and alien, but always fresh.


Allen Moore – turntables, records casted with varying materials.

Ishmael Ali – cello, guitar, electronics

Bill Harris – drum set percussion




This group is scheduled to record in early May.


Wills McKenna – saxophone

Ishmael Ali – cello, electronics

Bill Harris – drum set, percussion

N.W. Long – electronics


(Name Forthcoming):


This group is scheduled to record in late May.


Brianna Tong – vocals

Johanna Brock – vocals, violin

Ishmael Ali – cello

Andrew Scott Young – double bass


Thematically, the goal of the project as a whole is catharsis—reflecting on our
individual experiences during the past year in isolation. The music will be simultaneously competition, reflection, beginning.