Molly Jones // Ishmael Ali // Hunter Brown

Ali, Brown, and Jones’ sounds play with one another. In a context where each artist has developed an expansive timbral and textural palette through years of improvising, collecting small instruments and, in Brown’s case, building an immense SuperCollider ecosystem, play implies both the delighted, un-self-conscious picking-up and putting-down of brightly colored things and the gravity of expanding the self through encountering others.

Phosphenes offers a collection of improvisations recorded at Marmalade Preserve in Chicago, USA, featuring Ishmael Ali on cello, electronics, and small instruments; Hunter Brown on laptop; and Molly Jones on saxophone, flutes, and toys. Brown both synthesizes sound and processes the sounds of Ali and Jones, who switch fluidly between their primary and auxiliary instruments.


Molly Jones – saxophone, flute, percussion

Ishmael Ali – cello, percussion

Hunter Brown – laptop, electronics