Abhilasha Chebolu // Ishmael Ali



Abhilasha Chebolu is an electro-acoustic improvisor currently residing in Columbus, OH. She leads a free jazz outfit ‘Turtle Boat’ which features her compositions, performs solo harsh noise under the moniker ‘Null Copula’, and is a member of the jazz-adjacent midwestern-eclectic ‘Gault’. Her previous work includes co-leading the power electronics / performance art collaboration ‘Princsex’ with Armand Drum and a tenure with the Ryan Jewell Quintet, as well as performances with Tatsuya Nakatani and David Ornette Cherry.

Abhilasha can be heard on releases from Two Rooms, Deathbed Tapes, Lurker Bias, and Very Much Recordings. In addition to performing, Abhilasha plays an active role in curating performances of harsh noise and improvised electro-acoustic music throughout central Ohio.


Ishmael Ali is a dynamic cellist, guitarist, improviser, and composer based out of Chicago. His work centers on exploring sound through improvisation, experimentation, composition, and collaboration, focusing on a wide array of idiomatic approaches in an ever-changing, always-growing list of projects informed by diverse influences.

Though varying drastically from group to group, a common thread in his work is the juxtaposition of seemingly disparate elements to create something new: both foreign and familiar.

Ishmael is leader or co-leader of a plethora of working projects including the KAH trio, Hearsay, Je’raf, Akjai, Archipelago, and Oido. He has also performed or recorded with Avreeayl Ra, Josh Berman, Jim Baker, Fred Jackson, Ed Wilkerson, Angel Bat Dawid, Jason Stein, and many more.