Hearsay is an improvising trio based out of Chicago. The group comprises experimental sound artist Allen Moore; cellist, guitarist, and composer Ishmael Ali; and drummer Bill Harris. The group’s singular aesthetic ranges from otherworldly textures to slowly evolving rhythmic grooves, to hard-hitting improvisations. Their musical language is influenced by their diverse backgrounds, which meld¬† together to form something both familiar and alien, but always fresh.

Allen Moore is a Black American interdisciplinary artist, Experimental sound artist, educator and curator born and raised in Village of Robbins IL. His sound work is a social allegory, conversing with symbols and institutions conducive to the constructs of race, social class and personal introspection.

Ishmael Ali is a first generation Filipino-Arab-American cellist, guitarist, improviser, and electronic artist based out of Chicago and New York. His work focuses on exploring sound through free jazz, collaborative improvisation, and experimental music.

Bill Harris is a percussionist, composer, improviser, and audio engineer from Pittsburgh currently based in Chicago. He also operates and produces for Amalgam, a Chicago-based collective. Bill has been active in Chicago’s music communities since 2011, working at the intersection of free improvisation, jazz, noise, rock, and country.