Mozi's Mechanical Birds

Mozi’s Mechanical Birds is a brand new improvising collective out of Chicago featuring an eclectic mix of musicians that double on both acoustic and electronic instruments. The focal point for the group involves members expanding upon their acoustic instrumentation with various electronic instruments, which supplant their respective roles during different pieces. The resultant music ebbs and flows between an assortment of styles and genres, from idm to noise, punk to free jazz.

Current Members include

Ishmael Ali – cello, electronics

Luc Mosley – saxophone, electronics

Alexander Adams – drum set, electronics

Luc Mosley specializes in woodwinds and electronics. His style draws inspiration from jazz, classical, ambient, and electronic dance music.Utilizing a blend of woodwinds and electronics, he draws upon sounds of the past to forge new pathways for music of the future. In addition to leading his own group, the Luc Mosley ensemble, he performs with Big Syn, Graphics, Paperrr, and Autophysiopsychic Millennium.

Ishmael Ali is a cellist, guitarist, improviser, composer, and electronic artist currently residing in Chicago. His work centers on exploring sound through improvisation, experimentation, collaboration, as well as a wide array of idiomatic approaches in an ever-changing, always-growing list of projects with diverse focuses and influences. Frequent collaborators include Bill Harris, Jeff Kimmel, Eli Namay, Je’raf, Fred Jackson, Avreeayl Ra, Adam Shead, Wills McKenna, Jakob Heinemann, Timothée Quost, Aaron Quinn, and Deric Dickens.

Alexander Adams is a composer and improviser working with a variety of homemade and modified instruments, including drums, electronics, strings, and gongs. Alexander performs and records with Asker, Nancy Bigfoot, Field Theory, and Galaxxu.


Luc Mosley

Ishmael Ali

Alexander Adams